FAQ – Terms and conditions applies to all our services and products unless anothher agreement was made, example a standalone and signed agreement.

  • All demo software will be delivered exactly the same as the demo you see in front of you displaying as “DEMO” 
  • If you are missing any feature from the DEMO on the downloaded purchase its just settings and we will help at any time to make it equal.
  • If a feature is missing (according to you) related to the function of the software you bought and this feature is also missing on the DEMO, we can most likely add or build your feature at additional cost.

Refunnd Policy related to our downloadable products such as betting scripts

  • Once you purchase any of our scripts and software in our shop you need to click the box stating that you have read and approved this page “FAQ” in order to actually pay and purchase the selected product / products, meaning if the Terms and conditions you might find on this FAQ page applies and cannot be altered or modified after purchase.
  • As mentioned earlier in FAQ, Purchases will be the same code and with same features and functions of our demos, its up to you as a buyer to analyze the product to make sure it meets your requirements.
  • By purchasing any of our products you understand that once you approve the terms and conditions (FAQ) and you have recieved / downloaded the product, there are no refund since its a digitally downloaded product that could be copied and saved after purchase.
  • Refund policy might apply if the recieved product should not meet the same quality as the selected product, for example: we sent you the wrong system or the system is broken in any way that makes it impossible to install in order to look as the selected demo of purchase.

White label agreements that includes revenue share and monthly fees

  • Theese systems and services comes with a personal agreement between you as a client and us (partner) as a company and might be custom made according to the agreement and product, this agreement will differ from our terms and condition from this page.
  • White label agreements may include 3:rd party providers such as game providers, license providers and 3:rd party software providers.

Custom development and modifications per requests

  • All consulting related to custom modifications, custom developments, apps and related things are free, we never charge anything for consulting your needs and requirements.
  • Flat fee – In many cases we can offer a flat fee, meaning a fixed price for certain customization jobs och the important thing is that we only develop according to agreement, if you shoud forget or add any new feature (even small ones) it till affect the filan outcome of the fixed price.
  • Work per hour – on bigger jobs we also charge per the hour, this is something you will be discussing with our free support prior to any agreement.

3rd party purchased or copy systems not bought directly from us

  • If you have obtained any of our product from another provider in some way you will not be eliglabe for any support from us.
  • If we suspect that your script / system you have is not purchased from us we have the right to refuse any support and help related to this setup.
  • If you have bought any of our systems from someone else (nulled or illegally obtained copies) we might take legal actions agains this manner.

Sportsbetscript as a bussinessmodel

  • Our bussinessmodel is to offer you a online gambling solution to launch your own online betting, casino and affiliate marketing soluitions.
  • All our demos are online for demo purposes only, its not possible to place real money bets or wager on our demo systems.
  • We dont have any gambling licenses on our demos since we are a software company providing scripts and systems, not running our own online gambling websites.

Payment options and deliverence of our products

  • We accept most payment methods, as we have clients from all over the world we are also flexible in most methods of payment.
  • Once you buy a product from our shop you will have the download as soon as the payment is verified by us.
  • We are located in timezone GMT+1 and if its night time here when you make a purchase, it might take a few hours before you get the downloaded product.
  • We always deliver the download purchase within 1 day, even on weekends and hollidays.

Free installation and configuration of settings

  • On all our systems we offer free installation within 2 bussiness days, in the very most cases it will be done within 1 working day.
  • Free installation is based on the fact that you have the correct server that will work with the corresponsing system of your choise of purchase.
  • If your server does not meed the required functions that is required to run our software, we cannot install it for you.
  • If you are unsure what server you need to use, please get in touch with our support for help.
  • If you buy wrong server or make configures on your own that makes the system not be able to install, Sportsbetscript shall not be held responsible for any delay or refund requests.
  • We install the same as the demo, sensitive settings such as email passwords, wallet address secret keys and other related settings must be made by client themselves due to security reasons.




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