How to spot a scam website

There are several easy ways to spot blacklsted sites and verify if the website are trustworthy or not, do they hide their identities and share id proofs? 
Simply follow theese easy steps and you know what to look for in terms of any purchase from an online website from people you cannot verify.
You can imply google the results yourself aswell.

This is what you should look for

Another scam website associated with Betscripts

Buying from theese websites will most likely end up in loosing your earned money and the only ones benefit from that deal are the thieves behind theese websites.
Unfortunately, we have been notified from people buying from this site why we dont answer or send them their download after purchase, 
Reason = We have no association with this blacklisted website and the only way to get the real software with all benefits is to buy the Tipper365 script from us directly.

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Once again, we are and the original aouthors of our scripts are the original source of all tipper365 clones and nulled websites arount the web.
We are well aware of those blacklisted websites and its all up to you if you want to risk loosing your money or buy the genuine sourcecode directly from us, verified 
original developers of all theese popular online betting and casino scripts.

why are there so many sites claiming to sell our original Tipper365 script you might wonder?

Well, its really supoer popular, thats why, and with us you will have lifetime support and free updates aswell.

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