BEWARE of this scam website is a SCAM website and you can read all about it here

Even though, our domain is Tipper365 for several years and we have loads of happy clients using our popular Tipper365 script all over the world, every now and then some website pops up and pretend to claim our software as their product..

We are used to this and this time its a website called is a true and verified scam website and we would not recomend you to buy from them.

First of all we get complaints daily from people paying twice the ammount to this scam website then our Original Tipper365 sourcecode costs and then they get no download in return.

Second, we never support, help or work with anyone that got a clone and nulled script from such a website.

Recently we got loads of mails from clients asking why we dont send them their purchased script, and when we dug a bit further it clearly showed they bought from this scam website and never got any download in return.

We offer anybody 1000 euros (the first one who give us proper details) of the guys behind this website, they are hiding behind a fake company address in UK that does not even exists, its not registred at all and they also provide fake images of verification upon request,
To be more specific they have photos found on google of people showing their id cards and create fake names of theese people, but in reality this is not the person you are paying.

Second, they hide all domains and personal details of the site from public and fake names in the chat like cowards.
Needless to say, we have allready taken legal actions agains this fake scam website and you could simply google the words: scammer

Based on the search results you will be given its a clear case for anybody really to understand what they are doing.

Finally, Just a gentle reminder, 
Our website and brand name is Tipper365 and have been so for years,
Tipper365 is operated by igameprovider and you can verify Tipper365 as official website to the betmatrix betting scripts available and that the mentioned website have nothing to do with the real sourcecode that includes lifetime free support and updates regarding system and funtions.

If you want the real del and full support, just ping us in our chat and we take it from there. 

We provide the genuine sourcecode with free odds data under the brand name Tipper365 as the script is called.
We are adding new games and graphics wich will be released shortly along with free updates to all our clients.

So what have we learned today?

Do not make
business with the
thieves of 

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